Monday, September 2, 2013

the Elephant Bar

I planned a date night for us and we dressed up fancy- even more than we did for our anniversary! This frilly orange dress was one that I got from Ross on Friday for $14. I like it a lot and wanted an excuse to wear it as soon as possible. I was pleasantly surprised with how nice Michael dressed, including a tie. Here is a GIF I told him that I wanted to make. I'm glad we got it because the batteries in the Canon died right after.
We went to The Elephant Bar (Global Grill/ Wok Kitchen) in Burbank, which was recommened by Amber and Rochelle from work. I told them that I needed a place that was not too far away, nice enough for us to dress up, that serves salmon, but costs less than $20 per plate. Amber even had a coupon that she emailed to me, which I used tonight. It was for an appetizer and two meals for $20. Michael didn't want the options, so I just got two meals! The Parmesan green beans for the appetizer, the Island Tilapia for my meal. (Salmon wasn't an option for that deal- and the Tilapia meal was half the calories of the Salmon meal, and cheaper on the menu in general.) I ordered the Petite Sirloin to take home. Michael ordered the Teriyaki Chicken with a Caesar salad.
^^ Pictures from Michael's iPhone.. I got a little excited, ha! ^^
The lighting was good in the restaurant- probably more since we were sitting by the kitchen. The restaurant was not loud and our wait was only about ten minutes. I do wish the dividing bar between us and the booth next to us, had been higher. I felt really close to the lady on my right. The waiter was very friendly and I was glad he didn't ask if I liked my meal, since I'm still eating healthy, I eat even less at one time now (but more often). The yummy left overs should last both of us a few days!

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