Wednesday, September 18, 2013

the History of History

Here are some pictures of the outside of the National History Museum building, the Becoming Los Angeles exhibit, and the back, where they had another garden area. My favorite! They are so pretty and I love the environment of the birds and the flowers and walking in the dirt with bees flying nearby (but not too close).
See, again with the lack of reading. How did cow poop change LA? I will never know.
The only thing I learned from a big sign painted on the wall: Mexican Independence began in 1821.
Michael really enjoyed the parts that talked about the creation of "moving pictures" and said he wished they had a lot more about the history of movies. I'm sure there are whole museums about that. The moving carrige was cool with the screen and video playing in the background. They had a box that I clicked and the scene changed from a city to riding along a dirt road. I thought the gift shop was really cute too. It had a bunch of stuffed animals and dinosaur figurines and stone necklaces. I have to admit, I would really like to have some California/ Los Angeles souvenirs to take with us when we move out of the sunny state in November!
There was a little pool that people could step down into, to dip your toes, like the sign said. But right as I sat down to take off my shoe, a lady came around saying they were closing for the day and needed everyone to leave. Blast! We also walked over to the Memorial Coliseum to see where the Olympics had been held in 1984 ~ coolio.
Of course Michael's favorite part of any outing is getting to choose where we eat for lunch or dinner. That night we went to Hook burger in Burbank. I got the Maui burger (no cheese, no mayo) and he got the Hickory Burger with cheese, bacon and onion rings.

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