Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Achieving Greatness

Our life is so good! The worst thing that has happened lately is getting our old entertainment system "stolen" our of our apartment about 5 days before the lease was up. It had to be someone from the complex bc the door was still locked and they have keys to get in. Michael found out on Saturday when he went to meet a guy who was going to buy it for $200!! Ugh, frustrating. But as Mommy said once (and now I try to repeat it when I'm in a good mood), "It's just money." Thanks to Michael having steady work all year between Universal and VAMP, we haven't had to take any money out of savings for our minor house renovations! 
  My favorite part of our good life is definitely the sweet comments and thankfulness that Michael and I have exchanged over the past few weeks. It feels flirty and makes marriage seem so easy. The other day when I left VAMP after work to go home, I felt greasy and my hair was in a ponytail and I haven't been wearing any make up at work. He looked at me for a second and said, "You're so beautiful." And I really felt it. I've been thinking a lot lately about how much self confidence would boost if we didn't have mirrors. If I couldn't see what I look like, would I think I was pretty? Yes. Why? Because Michael tells me that I am. Sounds like a good system to me!! 
   Here are some more updated house pictures. Michael finished painting the kitchen cabinets, got the TV on the wall and stained/ hung up wood to give it a "Fixer Upper" look that he found on Pinterest. We painted the green wall in my scrapbook room a coral ombre (he painted it white first to make sure the green and pink wouldn't mix to a light brown!). I think it looks great! All that is left now is the guest bathroom and future baby room. Sasha loves the new chair Michael got. She won't get out of it unless we make her.  It is very soft, so is the rug we picked out a couple months ago for the living room.
The dining room is still empty right now, and Michael has plans to make the dining room table himself and then we'll buy chairs to match. But I really like the picture above. It looks like a small ballroom dance floor. Sasha likes to lay in the sunny spots in the morning. Michael's been on a crunch the past 3 weeks to get as much done in the house as soon as possible bc his parents and younger brother are coming for a few days, starting tomorrow. He's very excited about it and even did a dance in the car about it. But he's seemed to level out and relax a bit the past few days and coming home early from VAMP so we can have more time together. That's more important than paint! Yesterday he went with me to Publix. When we got outside it was down pouring so we stood under the walkway and I leaned against him and gave him back scratches until he said it let up enough for us to run to the car. 
PS- Edamame are my new favorite after sharing a bowl with Mia at Seito Sushi on Thursday after a work class. I'm going to start an edamame garden!! Today is Mia's birthday. And Michael's mom's birthday too. He's picking up some balloons, flowers, and a cake that his friend made for Mrs. Patty before he comes back to pick me up. Then we're off to the airport. Michael is very excited for his family to see our house. He has definitely put a lot of work into it. I've helped a little. ;)

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  1. I'm so happy we both have good men who love us and tell us we're beautiful! So sweet! Zach and I still need to see your guys' house! You can send your husband our way to do some fixin up-in! Still so happy for all your life changes and how far you've come since I've known you for like 3 years now! ❤️❤️