Monday, July 11, 2016

Moving Day

Sadly, I think this day was the hardest I have physically worked in a long time - maybe ever. Like I said in the last post, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to manual labor. But I have been good about volunteering to mow the grass, which I've done twice already and will do again on Sunday. It's growing fast and has to be cut every 12 days. We've always had people help us before- either hired movers, or Michael's family, and my dad when I moved down to Full Sail (July 2009), but my heaviest stuff then was just my twin sized bed/ mattress. I don't think I even had any scrapbook bins back then. It didn't all start to get out of hand until Michael introduced me to Hobby Lobby the first time he took me to Birmingham (September 2009) and I spent $130!! And that was with everything being half off. Also probably before my dad told me to cut up my credit card and showed me how to use a debit account. Oh, good times. Anyway, this time we did 98% of it ourselves. I'd like to say I helped a good 40% of the time. Michael kept telling me how great I was doing and how helpful I was being. The other times were about 5% - and then I'd take pictures to document the other people doing the work. Luckily his friend Steven (what a kind angel!) helped Michael get the 10-ton couch and 500 pound safe from the second floor of our apartment, into the Uhaul and then into the house.
The last box!! =)
 Of course I was fine and dandy to be throwing out huge smiles once we were all done. And now we for sure will not be moving anytime soon. I get pretty cranky each time we pack and unpack everything. Disappointed with how materialistic this world has become, when the pioneers fit everything (actual necessary items) in a wagon and horse packs. This is our 5th move in 5 years. Not counting the moves to/ during Full Sail. In February 2011 Michael and I moved from Winter Park to Millenia, a couple months before we graduated and got married. In January 2013 we moved to North Hollywood, then to Birmingham in November 2013, then back to Orlando in July 2014, and now to Ocoee. The end.

Two posts in one day?! Obviously I've been binge reading the beautiful blog, LoveTaza

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