Monday, July 25, 2016

Luke's 3rd Birthday

  July 11th was my friend Lindsey's son's third birthday. I feel like Luke and I had become friends over the past year since I've spent more time around him and we started a band together with Mia. Luke and the Band-Aids!! Tour tickets go on sale in September. ;) So I wanted to go up to Gainesville for his party, and see the rest of my family. I will admit that week (mostly Friday the 15th driving up when I cried for 20 mins) was hard for me, with Jacquie having her gender reveal party. That means Michael and I would have known by now if Shrimp was a boy or a girl. But now (hopefully) we have to wait the next 55 healthy years to find out. *insert angel emoji* 
  Peyton, Jacquie and her sister, Nikki, also attended Luke's birthday party since Luke had met Peyton on one occasion before and she doesn't get much interaction with little kids, so it was great for everyone! It was the perfect amount of people in my opinion. Five kids and nine adults, including Lindsey's parents. (It was really nice talking to both of them.) She had a Mickey Mouse theme with balloons and healthy snacks on the table. I didn't get any pictures of Nikki this weekend but she was there! She took the picture of me and Lindsay in the pool.
  Again I've learned that we've you can get some really good pictures by just being candid and not always trying to get the kids to look at you or tell them to smile. Just capture them having a good time. I've definitely been reminded of that by reading my favorite blog, LoveTaza. But thats how I got this blown out picture of Luke. (Blown out meaning I forgot to change the aperture setting between being in the patio shade to out in the sun.) He was trying to carry his plate with cupcake in his right hand and his toy bat in the left. The plate started slipping and he tried to balance it against his body until he lost his grip and the cupcake fell and got icing all over his stomach. It was "pretty silly" as Luke would say. 
  (Oh my gosh~ I loved seeing Michael play with Luke at Mia's house a few months ago. They were just kicking a ball around. Luke was pretty hyper & every two minutes he was laughing while saying, "Michael is silly!" Flash forwards of him being a dad one day!) Oh and for a "Lukeism", since kids are hilarious when they start talking and asking questions. That night with Michael, Lindsey was explaining to him, "You know how Daddy is my husband? Well Michael is Rachel's husband." 
Luke asked, "Who is my husband?" 
Lindsey laughed politely, "You don't have a husband." 
"Is Austin my husband?" 
"No, Austin is your brother." 
HA!! Ohhh, kids. & hey! You can see Jacquie's sister, Nikki, swimming in the background of that picture above. Phew, got her!

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  1. Was a fun day! So many great pictures as usual Rachee! Yay for getting a picture of Nikki! I love all the pictures you snuck of me and Peas! I've been thinking that Shrimp was a boy recently. I just feel like that's what Shrimp would've been. I love you ❤️❤️