Monday, July 25, 2016

Baby Wilder #2 Gathering

  This post is about Zach and Jacquie's new baby's gender reveal party, but first I have to write about how amazing and wonderful my mom is. I love looking back and thinking about all the times my friends have come over to my parent's house, during high school and also the past 7 years, each time I came to visit during Full Sail and on my 3-day weekends. She is such a friendly host who makes everyone feel right at home. Prime example >> after Sharanya and I got back to my parents house from Payne's Prairie, she was saying how she didn't have any clothes to wear to the party. My mom insisted on letting her borrow a robe and put our clothes in the dryer for 30 minutes. What a sweetie!! 
  Zach and Jacquie made tacos for the party while her sister, Nikki, decorated their house with balloons and streamers. Peyton LOVES Mommy, the best grandma in the world. She would cry if Mommy tried to put her down and wouldn't let anyone else hold her. For games, Jacquie had us write down boy and girl names with the letters H and R. 
  Then we went outside and sprayed them with silly string. She took the caps off so we wouldn't know what color it was until we sprayed it. It's a girl!! Nikki recorded a video of it. I tried to get a picture of Peyton in her "big sister" shirt, but she's fast at running around now. On her tippie toes, just like I did at that age. (She's almost a year and 8 months.) Back inside, we played Hangman to guess the name they picked: Helena Rey. They passed out cupcakes and we watched the ultrasound video. Overall it was a really nice, festive day!!
^^ Last picture from the following day: My favorite oldest and youngest family members.

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