Sunday, July 31, 2016

Baptism!! ✞ (and Dudley Farms)

If you like to read this in chronological order, I'm sorry. Sometimes I write it in the order of which posts I can get edited the fastest. When Michael took his parents back to the airport on Friday, I drove up to Gainesville since Peyton got baptized today! I got the great honor of becoming her Godmother and I will make sure to do a great job of it, starting with finding a Catholic church I like that is closer to our new house. Here are a few pictures from the baptism, performed by the very kind and accepting Father Steven.
On Saturday (yesterday) everyone went with me to Dudley Farms. I brought my Canon there, so that will be a later post since I have to go through the 108 pictures (not counting the 50 I already deleted). For now I will just post the ones I like that my dad took with his iPhone 6S. I want to get that phone soon - for the higher pixelated camera and more storage. And Michael's phone has been acting up, not ringing or alerting him when someone calls, so we may get new phones soon.
 ^^ Laundry day!!
^^ Peyton must have at least two photographers at all time. Essential for any cute baby toddler!!
She is 20 months now. And I'll be 350 months on August 11th!! ;)

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