Monday, July 11, 2016

We Bought a House !!!

When I found out I was pregnant with Shrimp (rest in peace), we knew we needed to start looking for a house. Michael did not want to be living in a one-bedroom apartment with a baby. He found a realtor in March, Anita Wise with Coldwell Banker, through a co-worker at Fabrication. We met with her and I really liked her personality. She was really nice and funny, and with her help we found a great house. She took the first two pictures below on the day we closed! We looked at about 13 houses (and drove by a few others that Michael found on Trulia) on two different days and this one was easily our favorite! We both gave it a 9 & 1/2. The kitchen and bathrooms are smaller than we prefer, but like Michael said "we won't be living in the bathroom!" Well sometimes he seems to. Bahahaha!! My favorite parts are the beautiful linoleum hardwood floors, the fact that both bathrooms have a small window for natural lighting, it has four bedrooms, and the nice sized fenced-in yard for Sasha. And we have a screened in porch too, which Sasha actually seems to prefer to the yard. Today she made many lizard friends and helped us catch a gecko that was hiding in the curtains.
Although I would still rather be "pregnancy twins" with Jacquie right now, I can see how moving into a house and painting, etc could be quite limiting and stressful at 5 months pregnant. Which would have been fine for me since I'm pretty lazy when it comes to manual labor! But I know Michael appreciates the help I've given. So here are some of the pictures we have taken while getting the house ready. We finally moved in on Thursday (July 7th - I'll post more about that another time) even though we bought the house on May 31st. We are still paying for our apartment through July 27th and continued to live there while we got the big painting areas completed - dining room, master bedroom, living room, and kitchen.
Kitchen: Before & After
Today I picked up more paint from Sherwin Williams (and laughed with the guys there while the girl took my order) and they entered a coupon code that took off $60! I painted half of the make up room while Michael was working at Fabrication, and the first coat on the doors and shelves on the bottom pieces of the kitchen. Then went over to clean the apartment for 30 minutes, then came back and did the second coats for what I had already painted. Now we're off to buy more plastic paint trays and fluffy roller things. Michael wants to get everything finished before his parents come to visit us in three weeks.

I have more pictures, but they are in portrait form, and I can't find the paper that tells me how to make the pictures side-by-side. Those pictures include when I bought pillows, a yellow comforter and a white and gold side table for the "guest bedroom" which is the other half of the  scrapbook room. In the scrapbook room picture above, yes it's plain, but that was to show off the desk we bought and put together. That green wall will eventually be an ombre coral. Michael built two big book shelves to put in place of the entertainment center he is selling. I helped paint those white.

** Side note to remember: I finished my Teletype training on June 19th. So I've been working on my own since then and my 5% raise will show up on my next paycheck. Woohoo!!


  1. I just realized I think we have the same move in date! Also, being pregnancy twins would be awesome but I would not want to be 5 months pregnant and going through house stuff and training stuff too (all though I know my seester could handle it cause she's a rock star)! I love you and am so proud of you for all you do and continue to do! ❤️

  2. Congratulations on your new home. I remember sleeping on that exact same air mattress when I was younger. We had a mix-up with the furniture delivery and wound up sleeping on ours for weeks. No worries, it’s great to be in our own house finally, too. We did the painting like you and in no time the house was ours.