Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dead Cell

1~ My cell phone battery died and I'm worried that I left my charger in Gainesville. I've already emptied all the bags and my suitcase that I brought back to Orlando. Its not in the drawer where I normally keep it..

2~ I finished up the Domestic Violence Awareness BTS video. The music is a little Halloweeny, which I like since we shot it at the end of last month. Plus, Domestic Violence can be a scary thing. You can view the video here.  
3~ I sent an email to the make up show Face Off since they are having auditions at Full Sail in a couple weeks, hoping that I could take some behind the scenes pictures. But I was just told that unless I work for Face Off or the Syfy channel, I can't take any pictures.

4~ I need a picture for today..(45 mins later, here is it! It only seemed appropriate to show off wearing my new fuzzy slippers that my mom bought me while I scrapbook her a belated birthday card! Not sure why Sasha was making that face in every picture I took..)

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with the job hunt :) and your slippers look really soft.