Friday, December 23, 2011

Check Out These Babes!

I have been going through a few blogs today and need to share them with you. They are very cute - two couples, one has a baby with another on the way. The other I believe simply has a dog for now, like us! They are making me feel extra crafty and a little disappointing that I came across these so late in the month. My favorite is 12 Dates of Christmas. However, I have sent out a few hand crafted Christmas cards. Another woman is older and her boys are around 10 and 12. She does December Dailies. I would love to make these too, but I feel like Michael and I don't do enough Christmasy stuff to make a whole mini-book of 31 days. However, I did make one about the first half of Christmas break in 2009. *Here you can see 4 of 18 pages.* (Maybe I can make legit December Dailies when we have a child old enough - three years old? - to do the crafts with me.) I'm hoping we will visit his Na Na next month in Mobile and hopefully I can put one together then.

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  1. I sent an email to Belva, and included a snipping of her card photos. I told her that she is now Famous, since you have posted her on your blog! -D