Thursday, December 29, 2011

Twenty Three Hours.

I feel like my New Year began on Monday. After Christmas presents were opened on the 25th, I began rummaging through my mind of all the resolutions I wanted to make. I always have the same ones once a month - eat healthier, go to church, get more exercise - so instead I wanted to make a check list. For example:
Go to the beach five times.  
Read ten books all the way through.
Eat at 10 places I haven't been to before.
I may up that last number since I've already made it to three new places in just a few days! Mia and Sharanya came to visit, so for lunch today we went to Greens & Grille near the mall. I got the Californication Signature Wrap. Later, I got a Caribbean Swizzle mango smoothie from Fruit Sensations at the food court and for dinner we ate at Uno's. I was intrigued by a picture of the Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla and ordered that. (My meals today were paid for by my mom's best friend, Dana! I used the $25 gift card she sent us for Christmas.)
Today has been one of the best days. I enjoyed a much needed girly day, new yummy food, and I got hired as a hostess after my interview at Tony Roma's! I've decided not to complain about cold weather now that Christmas Day was a ripe 80 degrees in Orlando. I enjoyed the long night walks we went on, bundled up in sweaters and scarves and being amused by the ability to see our breath while we talked. 

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  1. Yay!!! Im so glad Mia and Sharanya came to visit! Yes, we girls just need some girl time once in a while! I think you were past due. Maybe that needs to be in your list of resolutions--girl time once a month!! Looks like it was lots of fun! xoxoxoxoxo