Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Girl's Night In

Tuesdays are pretty wonderful to me. Thank goodness for Glee to bring us all together. Julie and Ryan came over again tonight. I liked the Christmas episode. One of the better ones since the Season 3 premiere. Afterward, we had a much needed hour-long chat about each of our futures. Michael and I have been talking a lot about money lately and how we will "survive" after this month. His parent's have been so gracious to us, supporting us financially, but there comes a time when we need to ween off and learn how to be responsible adults. Michael doesn't agree with my drastic suggestion of moving into a smaller, less expensive apartment..  
I    N  E  E  D    T  O    P  R  A  Y
Here is my frog comparison that I promised you from yesterday. In these two photos, I favor the shot using the Fujifilm, probably because of the angle and how there were still raindrops on the leaves. The water had dried up a few hours later when I was able to use the Canon. Although it is obvious that the detail is more "crispy".


  1. Glad to hear that you girls still get together. It's nice to have great friends. As for the two photos, they are slightly different, as you mentioned, and each has it's own features. If I had to choose, I'd choose the Canon photo, as its leaves are a darker green. The Fujifilm photo is brighter and loses a little bit of the details. Either way, I truly enjoy seeing the photos you post on this blog. Keep it up! -D

  2. Gee! I haven't been on the computer in ages!! And Ive misses all these great posts!! Too many cookies to bake! :) I like the frog prince photos, I guess I like the Fuji since I can see more of the froggie :)! So glad you got your "girls night"- sounds like a lot of fun! xoxoxoxox