Friday, December 30, 2011

Overdue Decor

Alrighty. I took these pictures around midnight after I got organized, ate dinner (leftovers - I had lunch on the porch with Sasha!) had a full conversation with Ryan via text and Skyped with Mia. I did end up buying a lot of stuff ~ luckily it was all 50% off. I didn't really make anything myself. I did wrap up some faux presents (hard cover books) and taped a few glittery letters onto Christmas paper! Let me know what you think.
 Golden Dove tree in the bathroom. I think the colors gold and brown are wearing off on me because I used to hate them. I still prefer silver, but this is a nice mix of colors here that I do find pretty.
 With the room light and standing lamp on. (Above)
With only the Christmas lights around the items. (Below)
 I think Michael may have changed some settings on the camera because the pictures I took with the 50mm were being weird. Either too bright or very dark and out of focus. I couldn't find a proper medium, like I did when I took all the BTS photos at Full Sail.
 I liked the variety of snowmen with scarves. Too cute!
& they are still making me crave a chocolate Frosty from Wendy's.
I wanted to feature the Mini-Polaroid of Sasha Renee from Christmas Day into my decorations & I love the Amish sheepy in the snow. These displays didn't turn out how they were on Pintrest because everything was much more coordinating online, rather than me grabbing whatever from Target's 
leftover bins & deciding it needed a new home. 
Oh well. Still pretty cute, right? 


  1. I do like the gold/brown ornament display on your tree. Very festive. So are the snowman new? and the little white tree? Sheepy looks so cute under the tree! :) And I like the reindeers fancy earrings!! :) xoxoxoxoxox

  2. The snowmen are new as well as the silver angel hanging into one of the lights. I got the white sparkle tree last Christmas in Bham. =)