Friday, December 30, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

Bad news. I am very disappointed in myself. (Not only because I haven't updated my blog very much this month.) Aside from the Christmas tree, a few decorations around the apartment and my obsession with fake snow, our home has not been very festive. The only crafts I really made this year were a few simple Christmas cards which I sent to a select few people ~ my parents, Michael's parents, Grandma Belva and Dawson (although he said he never got his).. 
Thank goodness for Pintrest to give me loads of Christmas ideas. Most of what I plan on making right now will be using holiday scrapbook paper and whatever I already have available. I don't want to spend any money. So I have decided to let the season last until the end of January. At least in places where Michael will allow me to most likely keep decorations up: My scrapbook area & the bathroom that Sasha and I share. After that, February turns into Valentine's Day month. I'll need to work on cutting out a bunch of pink hearts!


  1. Cute cards like always! :) who got which cards? Just curious- xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Love - Ms. Patty
    Nutcracker - Gma Belva
    Fireplace - Dawson