Friday, January 24, 2014

Hollywood Time Capsule

   Almost a year ago (not sure why I never posted about this), Michael decided that he wanted to make a little time capsule for our kids to find one day. He had us fill a little clear make up container with pieces of our personalities. I cut out a small picture of Rachel Berry from Glee and on a piece of scrapbook paper, wrote a note to our future kid(s). Michael put in cut off corners of stipple sponges that he had been using often, as well as his own letter that he did not let me read. We also added a Sasha whisker that had fallen off in the bed and stuck to the sheets.
   On Wednesday, February 20th, 2013, we took Dawson with us to the top of the Hollywood sign and, although he huffed and puffed and asked for many breaks to take pictures and enjoy the view, he made it. He also documented the experience with a interview video on his iPhone, but Michael and I have yet to see it. As well as all of the videos Dawson took during of our eye-opening and motivational speeches while hiking. Maybe one day! ;)
^^ This is such a nice picture of these buds. It should be framed somewhere. =) ^^
   On a side note, I have noticed that a lot of websites regarding the 100 Best Places to Travel or Bucket Lists mention to "Stand/ get a picture in front of the Hollywood sign". But I think it is important for everyone to change it to "Hike to the top of the Hollywood sign." Michael and I got to do it four times last year (twice by ourselves, this time mentioned with Dawson, and when Ryan visited). It's so much more incredible, and it's free!!

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  1. I would have hiked to the top with you! Remember our hike on Bear Hair Trail in Vogel State Park in GA? -D