Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Miriam's Maternity Shoot

   While Michael and I stayed with Mia for a week in Orlando at the beginning of December, after we stayed with Cody and Alana, I paid a lovely visit to Miriam. It was great getting to see her again and I had missed all of the photo shoots we had every couple of months when we still lived in Orlando, way back in 2012. As you can tell from the pictures: Miriam is pregnant! My second friend to have a baby, after Lindsey.
   She is about 30 weeks here, since the baby (a boy!!) is due at the end of February. I was there to help her put together a handful of super cute baby shower cards, but got carried away with my "need" to take pictures. She had already rearranged the whole house, so I had to take updated photos of her amazing interior design skills. But also I had never taken maternity photos, and I made it very clear even through previous texts that I simply had to take some for her! The bear is the first toy they bought for the baby, and she was devastated when their small dog chewed one eye off. But like any creative individual, Miriam says she will fix the bear, by turning him into a pirate.
   Michael and I went back to their house that night for dinner with Miriam and Garth. We had pizza and they also ordered one of those chocolate chip cookies in the shape of a pizza. And they had vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Oh dear! But I know Michael had a great time meeting them and Garth seemed completely interested in what stories Michael had about working on indie films in California and making his own Boba & Jango Fett costumes back in the day.
   Miriam and Garth got engaged on that red bridge (seen above, in the last photo) and married in Tampa on November 2nd. A small family gathering, yet romantic and extravagant. She showed me the wedding photos. They are stunning!! She hopes to have a vow renewal sometime not too far off that way all of their friends can be a part of the ceremony as well.
   Miriam's baby shower is this Saturday and I truly wish we could be a part of that too, but it's also in Tampa, where both of their parents live. A good 10-hour drive from Birmingham. The sad part was that during my short visit, I went to the bathroom just as many times as she did. How can I possibly imagine going more than I already do? I'll be sure to tell you all about it when it's my turn. ;)

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  1. Rachel, these are amazing! You really have a way with the camera! I'm glad you and Michael are all settled in Birmingham and look like you are already out doing adventures! I miss you though! And you best tell all about it when it is your turn! (No rush, but babies are super adorable!)