Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Makeup Mania

   Michael has been very focused on practicing beauty make up since we got back to Birmingham two weeks ago. He even did his mom's makeup this past Saturday. Once he picked lighter more subtle colors that were good for her age, it looked really pretty. But he's been doing more statement looks on me, such as the smokey cat-eye.
   On January 8th I wanted him to copy Lea Michele's Elle magazine cover look. Here are my unedited and edited versions ~ mainly just clarifying the photo. I don't use filters when I'm taking pictures of my make up because then that doesn't show off what colors Michael used.
   The fuzzy animal ear headband has nothing to do with the magazine, but it was something Michael was working on for a few days when we moved back. I think they are really cool. And knowing me, I'd actually wear them out when we run errands. I thought my make up looked really pretty at Sloss Furance too. My makeup often looks nicer in natural lighting than it does with the florescent light in his make up area. But there is also a nice big window that he can get extra light from.
   After the Lea make up, Michael went out and bought a few different shades of Urban Decay's Naked Skin weightless ultra definition liquid foundation. I think that works really well and covers up any pimples better than other make up he has used on me. For the pictures below (from yesterday), Michael used the Naked 2 Urban Decay eyeshadow palette and used the shimmery brown "snakebite" color. This weekend his mom generously bought him the Naked 3 pallette which has rosy tones. I'd like him to work on those too. It would be great for my "barely there" pioneer look I want to achieve when I dress up, now that I bought a maroon maxi skirt yesterday from Forever 21 and my red gingham bonnet was delivered today!
 I felt like Sasha hasn't been on my blog for a while.
So, as Dawson would say, "There she is!"

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  1. Lots of interesting details in this post. -D