Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Fade

It has not snowed since 3pm on Tuesday and today was 43 degrees, so of course it has been melting, and I'm okay with that. However, I forgot to mention last time that on Tuesday Michael wanted us to get groceries so we walked a mile (each way) to Winn Dixie. On Facebook I wrote: Now I can honestly tell my grandchildren, "When I was your age, I walked two miles in the snow to get groceries." ;) The walk was a good adventure, and I was bundled well, but it was scary when we got to the main highway and saw cars sliding along the road or their back wheels spinning, unable to get a truck up the hill. A dark blue SUV tried to make a U-turn over the median but then got stuck until some guys ran over and pushed the car the rest of the way. One person couldn't even back out of a parking space. A lot of people on Facebook were comparing the roads to Walking Dead, due to all the wrecks and abandoned vehicles.
Yesterday we went for another walk, only half as far- out of the complex and to the main highway. My main goal was to have a snowball fight with Michael. He played around a little bit, but not as much since he doesn't have gloves. There was still a traffic jam outside of the complex from a little pile up the other day. One truck went off the road and some other vans and cars skidded into each other. They were lucky compared to a few cars we saw on the news that went into a lake! Fortunately, the drivers from the lake were interviewed and all made it out safely.
 ^^That creepy trench coat man behind Michael was actually a good Samaritan. He was scraping ice off the road. Although that didn't stop one car from hitting a tree in the median at 5 MPH going down that hill. ^^ When Michael got bored, I had a snowball fight with myself!
Today the roads were 90% fine when Mrs. Patty dropped Michael off at his car so he could bring it home. I have never driven in anything other than rain, so I was a wimp and didn't want to take him. Michael said it was just some of the back roads that still had ice. Tomorrow afternoon I will check the main roads for myself because I have an interview at Massage Envy. I hope I get it! But that's up to God's plan and this year I have been praying the "correct" way.

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  1. Once again, I love the crispness of your photos!! I LOL'd at how the roads looked like The Walking Dead- it's true!! And then when the picture of the man behind Michael appeared, I REALLY thought of TWD! RUN MICHAEL!!!