Monday, January 27, 2014

Tannehill Ironworks

   Here are the rest of the best pictures from Tannehill yesterday. It was a really good day- the whole day was. I do wish we could have gone into each house, but they were mostly cabins that are for rent, so they were locked and we could only look into the windows. Looked pretty cool though. The house behind me in the first picture was also locked, but it was all junky with random chairs and broken desks and papers all over the floor. I'd love to spruce that up and call it my own.
 ^^ This was a Methodist Minister's house. His name was Harry Marchant and he migrated from England in 1971. It was also locked, empty and very small. But I suppose that was to help not distract him from God and studying the Bible. The river picture below was his view from the front porch. ^^
   I know I'd enjoy a few nights there, although the pricing is about $80 or $90/each night. But two of the cabins hold six people, which would only be $15 per person. I'd fork that over in a heartbeat! ;) I'm already dreaming of a getaway without cell phones and computers. Eating out of cast iron skillets. Meals of thick ham, corn on the cob, sweet potatoes and warm rolls!! It doesn't take much to make me happy. The church (below) has a service every Sunday at 9am, or you can have a wedding there for $425. I wonder how many people do that.
 ^^ Oh my goodness. Instant new favorite picture of him for sure. Even if he did have to throw his head back and laugh super fake in order to get this amazing smile!!! I reminds me a lot of his big smile outside of Ruth's Chris restaurant from the night we got engaged. ^^
 ^^ Roupes Valley Ironworks, property of William L. Sanders from 1862.
And the Blower House from the 1850's, in the photo above that. ^^
   A few little kids were running in and out of this cut through, calling it a house. "Come over to my house. Now let me stay in your house." I automatically assumed it was going to be super cool, but it was just a bunch of really cold, five foot nooks. Oh the love of such big imaginations in their small heads. It made me think of how my cousins and I would make house outlines while raking pine straw in the backyard and know which room each grass box represented.
 I love the extra special moments like this when Michael quietly gets into character then whispers "psst" and actually wants me to take his picture, without me asking him to sit on the tractor.
   Nobody else was dressed up of course. I didn't read anything on their website about living history aside from the Civil War reenactment day, which is on Saturday, March 1st this year. I have already told Michael that I would like to go back for that. He hopes they set off the cannons. I can't lie though, I did think it would be pretty wonderful if someone came up and asked for a picture with me since I looked so awesome and authentic. Oh well.

** And since I was intrigued enough, here are 3 lovely Tannehill weddings I found. Kate & Alex by Morgan Trinker, Audrey & David by Angela Blake, and Diane & Jason by 100 Layer Cake! 

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  1. These pictures are beautiful! It's cool you have a new area of the world to explore, right in your backyard. You're a really good photographer! <3