Tuesday, January 28, 2014


   Apparently the National Weather Association isn't usually accurate so it was a big surprise to everyone when it snowed today. I set my alarm for 8am, but didn't see anything outside, so I went back to sleep. When Michael got up at 10am, he looked out the window. "Hm, looks like some flurries."I rushed to the makeup window which looks out the front of the condo and it looked like actual snow to me and there was a bunch on the ground. It was collecting more in the back leaves than it was on the grass in the front. Michael looked confused when I rushed to get a bunch of layers on. "There is barely anything out there." How dare him, ha. I stated the obvious, "This might be the most I get all year. I have take what I can get!" And it sure seemed like a lot to me and it was still coming down. It was predicted that if it did snow, it would be less than one inch, but it looks like we got at least two inches by 3pm when it stopped snowing.
 Michael with his coffee before he attempted out in the tundra!!
 I made a "snowman" and a snow angel!! =)
   At 10:30am Michael left for a dentist appointment, but after being in the car only five minutes and barely getting anywhere on the main highway due to traffic not moving (too much snow on the road and already being a lot of wrecks), he decided to cancel his appointment and tried to head back home.  After two hours of taking several back roads and getting stuck in a gridlock he finally found an area to park and just walked the three miles home!
   I consider this to be my first real official snow day because on the other best snow day I had (1997 in Atlanta) it was not actually snowing while we played and made a snowman and snowcat. Today it was snowing while I played outside, but the snow was too light and airy to compact to make a snowman. I had a "flashback" post in mind for today in case it didn't snow. I have pictures from when it really was just a light dusting around Thanksgiving in Birmingham a few years ago. And of course I had my exciting few minutes to play when we stopped in Texas on our drive across the county last January.

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  1. Your snow angel is really good! I'm surprised Michael left his car and walked three miles, but I saw other people post how horrible the traffic was, so you gotta do what you gotta do. I love the picture of you in the snow-dust, you look like a little kid having a ton of fun! And Sasha is so cute in her little coat! She's like "this is kinda cold...." And I would've bundled up like you did because I don't like being cold. When we went to the grand canyon last year, it snowed a lot and we didn't have the clothing to be ready for it so I made really awful faces in the pictures (not on purpose!)... here, if you wanna see: http://www.carlandlindsey.com/2012/03/grand-canyon.html