Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lots of Laughs

   Here is a GIF that Michael and I made today at Tannehill Ironworks Historic State Park, which you can view below this beautiful photo.  I'm definitely printing this one out!!
   I've been waiting all week for this, but it's only been in the 30's all week and will be next week, but today we went since it was 59 degrees. Not sunny, but we were good without jackets most of the time. And yep, I dressed up and loved it. The long skirt is so comfy. I got it at Forever 21 thanks to a gift card Dawson sent me for Christmas! I got the bonnet on eBay for four dollars. 20RuS 20RuS
   I seem to be having issues with the link now, and can't figure out how to get it to post on here, when it has worked in the past. But if you click the Picasion link shown, or the box if there is one, it will take you to the GIF.

   Michael was such a sport today and was silly along with me at all the right times!! I will, of course, add more pictures tomorrow. I even made a short video before we left. I'll see if I can chop that into pieces and try to upload it as well. We just got back from dinner with Michael's friends Eric and his fiance, Kim. They were both very nice and we plan to get together again soon. =)
   ** I use a free website called Picasion to make these GIFs.

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  1. I saw an empty box and clicked on it to watch the GIF at the second web site.
    Having fun! -D