Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pioneer Me.

   I'm in one of those dress up moods again. It probably has a lot to do with the amazing time I had at Dudley Farms and the Morningside Living History Farm the last two Saturdays that I was in Gainesville, or the fact that I had a pioneer-inspired wedding in my dream last night. In this picture I was trying to go off of one of the outfits young Ginty was wearing wearing in the movie, Saving Mr. Banks. I didn't have a long sleeve white dress- do they even make those anymore? So I had to improvise. And even though Michael doesn't like my raggedy socks, but I think it makes the outfit even more authentic!
    I was impressed and excited to find all the Amish Editorial magazine photos that I did this morning. As well as a beautiful board of Prairie Fashion on Pinterest. I'll definitely have to find some kind of history parks in Birmingham. Michael already agreed to go with me. But all I have found online are old buildings randomly around the downtown area, not an official park.
   ** The white button up is one of the freebie shirts Alana gave me last month. =)

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