Saturday, January 4, 2014

Living History Farm

   Today Mommy and I went to the Morningside Nature Center in Gainesville. One of our last big fun days of my 19 days off before Michael finishes Grinchmas in Orlando, and we drive back to Birmingham and live there for an unknown amount of time. Life is such an adventure!

   It was much colder than I thought it would be, but for some reason it felt much colder at home, then it did 25 minutes down the road. But that was nice because then we didn't have to wear such big jackets while exploring the area. Mommy said I had come here on a field trip during elementary school, but never since my Amish/pioneer fascination started three years ago.

  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll just let these tell you about our experience:
 The small white building off in the first picture is the school and this is the inside. ^^
 ^^ I bet that crib didn't cost them $2,000 the way they do now..
 Feeding Penny the cow. She was great about smiling for the pictures!
 Mommy is a fun person to hang out with! That's why we're best friends now, since 2009!
 Talking to Lindsey. (That's what I named her. I don't think I asked her real name.)
   One dressed up man (who I did not get a picture of) said we came at the right time because it was the last Saturday that volunteers would be dressed up until they had a special event. I think I assumed lots of people would be dressed up when apparently it's pretty rare. There was a girl there with her mom and she was feeding the cow after we did. That will be our child in the future!

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