Tuesday, November 13, 2012

LA Trip, Pt. 1

Yesterday Michael and I left Orlando at 9am and, after five hours on the airplane, it was only 11am in Los Angeles! Silly how time works like that. We got our rental car, had lunch at Chili's in Encino (very cute town) then drove by the house we may end up renting from a nice guy Michael works for at Universal. We got to our hotel around 3pm then took a glorious nap! We were unfamiliar with the weather here - cool in the morning, warm/hot (but not humid) in the afternoon and cold at night. My work jacket wasn't cutting it and Michael forgot to bring his, so we went to Target and both got great new jackets, plus some snacks.

Yesterday I was only able to get pictures on my phone as we drove around. Luckily today, I got a chance to use the nice camera. This morning felt like it was a couple days ago, but I like when I feel like we have gotten a lot accomplished! We had an appointment with a realtor, Corey Chambers, and although the lofts in downtown LA were far out of our price range they were beautiful places to see.
I especially loved getting to see the roof pools with amazing views! We were told that Johnny Depp owns one of the pent houses, but didn't see him. I haven't seen any celebs yet. And trust me, I've been looking! Such a shame.
After dinner we met Michael's childhood friend, Banks, and his wife, Lacey. They were both very nice and had similar humor as us. We met at their favorite spot, Republic of Pie. I was very excited when we got there, simply because it was a place with tables with old chairs that didn't match. Everyone huddled in quiet talk as a guy with a scarf played guitar and sang a popular tune. Banks and Lacey talked about work and all the places around LA they have lived. And they invited us to church with them once we move!! We are very much looking forward to 2013.

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  1. Great to see some pictures, and to read the stories behind the pictures! -D