Sunday, November 4, 2012

Simply Perfect!!

Not only does the name of this post describe my wonderful husband, but also the brand of transformational HD foundation he was representing and selling today at the Orlando Makeup Show! He gave me a demonstration of how the Simply Perfect Cosmetics works with the new liquid-to-powder metamorphosis that feels weightless and minimizes imperfections and lasts longer without retouching.
 It has been used on actors and actresses in films like "Men In Black 3" and on TV shows such as "Law & Order: Criminal Intent". There are 15 natural shades available (although they didn't have some of the dark shades with them at the event, which Michael told me caused an issue with a few ladies).
He did put a sample on my hand and it was cool to see how it kind of evaporated and felt extra smooth. The vitamins and ingredients in the foundation actually soothe the skin and don't clog pores. Moreover, it is sweat proof, water resistant and transfer resistant so it won't get on your clothes!
(I was able to get a couple shots of Michael "working" without him noticing.)

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  1. Interesting. I learned something new today. -D