Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Day

Although its still November, today felt like a Christmas Day. Michael and I had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes then drove over to Bass Pro Shop to get our free picture with Santa!! I like it much better than last year's, haha. We weren't planning on getting a Christmas tree this year, mainly because we will be gone for Christmas, plus it seemed like it would be a hassle with the move. But they had Douglas Firs for only $20 at Home Depot and since we met in 2009, Michael has gotten me to enjoy picking out our own tree each time instead of buying a fake one. So when Christopher got home, we picked out this one. I think it was a Fraser Fir for $30?
I put on the Glee holiday music while they decorated with lights and colored orbs. We should have seen a Christmas movie to make the day really complete, but Michael had been wanting to see "Flight" so Christopher and I went with him.

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