Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Birthday Song

I am in Gainesville for a couple of days to celebrate my mom's birthday. The day is over now, but last night Mia stayed for hamburgers that my dad grilled then I watched Superstar with my mom. Although it was my favorite movie a few years ago, I was glad that I still laughed as much this time. (unlike that Bill Cosby tape..) This morning I successfully attempted to make the cinnamon roll waffles like Jessica did for us in Atlanta!
Then spent some time outside in the cool autumn air petting Rollo. I closed my eyes, felt the sun on my face and listened to the sounds around me. Mostly birds chirping and people driving along the main highway. (I call this a "blind photo" since I wasn't looking through the view finder). After picking up pinecones in the yard, I took a bunch of pictures when I noticed that so much was orange- flowers, leaves in small trees, leaves on the ground, these berries..
At 1:30pm we left to see more kitties at the Alachua County Humane Society. Then had lunch at Cafe C since my mom had a Groupon. Although I ordered the "Meat Me For Lunch"  (that pretzel bread was delicious!), I ate more of my mom's "LA" sandwich with mushrooms, spinach, cheese and avocado. Then went on a health rant. Which, of course, I plan to begin in January. I called Michael on the way home and I was so proud that he sang Happy Birthday to my mom!
Back at home, my mom and I went for a walk and watched Napoleon Dynamite - another high school favorite! When my dad got off from work, the three of us had dinner at Moe's, Grandpa came over so my mom opened her cards/ presents, then we watched our ABC comedy shows (The Middle, The Neighbors & Modern Family). That's about it.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY!!

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