Saturday, November 17, 2012

LA Trip, Pt. 5

We are back in Orlando now (but only for the next month and a half!) and I have more time to show off photos from when we went to Universal Hollywood on Thursday. The weather was cool all day and very overcast, but the day was still a lot of fun. We met our actor friend, Jason DeWitt, for breakfast at The Coffee Bean at City Walk. Then zoomed off to the Behind the Scenes set tour. It was very cool, but because we were on the left side of the tram, it was hard to see/get pictures of anything on the right side.
(Set from Back to the Future, above)
Here they showed us the pipes that shoot water into the air so it falls like rain, then simulated a flash flood. We also went through a King Kong 3D area and Earthquake simulator, same as the one in Orlando, which was were a subway scene from Bones was shot a couple years ago.
Re-enacting a scene from Jaws. Can you see the blood in the water?! As well as this creepy Norman Bates man from Psycho. He actually chased after the tram. People in the back screamed, ha.
 Michael suggested we go to the Water World show twice. It was the second and last thing we did in the park. The first time the plane didn't come out- we assumed because of the weather or just technical difficulties. I was glad we went the second time to see the plane stunt. Plus the cast members (at the beginning, before the show started) were very funny and made sure people sitting in the green "soak zones" got wet- by literally pouring water on them.
If I am simply comparing Universal in LA to Universal Orlando, I choose LA. That park inspired me to watch so many classic movies that I have not already seen yet. There was more that I wanted to do, extra exercise because the park is divided into two levels (you have to go up/down about eight stories via stairs or escalator to get from one half to the other) and the view of the city was more outstanding than any we had seen earlier in the week!
 Michael absolutely loved the ParaNorman mini-figures in the NBC Experience walk-thru. I found them very interesting and amazing as well, having no problem when Michael asked me to take extra photos. (I may need to post a separate blog just for those!) I definitely would not have minded if they had a bigger section including more stop motion movie characters. They had an incredible family kitchen set up from Coraline. We need to rent both of those movies.
The Transformers 3D ride was more fun than I was expecting (although did not have any Shia LaBeouf scenes) and liked that we got to get our pictures with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. I look forward to going back again once Michael gets hired there next year and possibly going on the Mummy roller coaster with him later on. He was such a sport, letting me sit out/explore gift shops this time while he rode it.

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