Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Haircut

I don't really like posting pictures from our phones, but I want to keep blogging as well:

Although I had to work for Halloween, we were allowed to dress up. Michael suggested I be Red Riding Hood and Metropolis had a full costume that I was able to borrow. Of course, since 2009, no Halloween will ever be complete without his amazing special fx skills added. On my face you will see a 3D transfer that was sculpted by Michael, specifically for my face. I have always liked 3D transfers because they are so original.
You can see some of Michael's make up process photos here on his blog! We plan on doing a full photo shoot in the woods later this month. (Also, I thought it was an interesting coincidence that my friend, Sana, was also Red Riding Hood at work. She posted a very cute photo. We still work opposite shifts, so we weren't able to be "Red" together.)

I decided to get my hair cut before we fly to LA next weekend. My favorite hair cut would definitely be how it was in June 2011 during Blood Widow. I had gone to three different places (usually with photos) but haven't been able to get that same look back, even when I went back to the original lady in the mall. I'll keep trying. Here is the result from today at Super Cuts:
A little too short for my taste, but it will grow out. And Michael likes it a lot.


  1. That is AWESOME special effects make-up!! I wonder how many of your coworkers had to get a close-up look at the features. In LA, Michael will likely get hired by the first company that sees his work portfolio and web site. And they'll be lucky to snag such a talented artist!
    Your haircut looks really cute. And it's good to hear that Michael likes it too. -D

  2. You're flying to LA next weekend? Are you home-hunting/ job-hunting? Man I wish it wasn't a little over 5 hours away.... I'd love to see you!