Sunday, November 4, 2012

Orlando Makeup Show

I met Michael at the Peabody Hotel at 2pm (thank goodness I wasn't as late as I thought since I hadn't corrected my car clock to Day Light Savings). He was on his lunch break, so we met up and had lunch at the B-Line Diner on the main floor. We had eaten there before with Ms. Patty and Parker back in February.

Here are a bunch of pictures I was able to take for Michael. Since he was working, he barely had a chance to look around at the other artists showing off their products/ skills. Although he did get a chance to purchase a handful of Ve Neill brushes, which he had been talking about for the past few months! And guess who else was there.. Roy Wooley from Season 3 of Face Off!
I am an awkward conversationalist with people I don't know too well, so I did not introduce myself to Roy. Plus -although the season finale of Face Off was on Halloween- I am still 3 episodes behind. Below you will find products sold at Reynolds- a store in Orlando where Michael bought a lot of the materials used to make props in our Full Sail projects.
There were some very cool body painters there. I liked how this girl had black feathers around her head- although I would feel really embarrassed not having any type of shirt covering me, especially with everyone walking by and taking pictures.
Michael was thrilled to tell me that he met one of his favorite make up artists, Toby Sells. They were actually able to talk for about 30 minutes today and said they would keep in touch. Toby lives in Atlanta and works on projects such as Zombieland and The Vampire Diaries.
(That's Toby- above!) I didn't get a chance to see the finished product, but Michael said the girl looked like a "walker"/ zombie from Toby's main recent show: The Walking Dead.
This girl below got the most attention and I thought I figured out the reason, but then Michael told me that the girl is wearing a chest piece! And when I looked at the pictures further, you can see where the piece stops. Still the airbrushed gauntlets and gloves were very cool. Then the artist added a neat monster head.
Here is everyone taking pictures of her: It was a good day.
**Side note: Michael's older brother, Christopher, arrived tonight and the three of us had dinner at Bahama Breeze. He will be staying with us until Christmas.

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  1. Michael must have had a blast working here, and roaming the booths to see new stuff. -D