Wednesday, November 14, 2012

LA Trip, Pt. 4

I made an extra effort today to take photos of the views of mountains while driving along Interstate 101. It was easiest to see on a big hill. We went to Porto's again for breakfast trying new things. Michael got a yummy grilled chicken sandwich and we ate outside. I tried the fried ham and chicken croquettes as well as the potato ball, but it only had beef inside. It was "everyone's favorite!" but not mine.
We went to a comic store and got a couple magnets then drove around the area that Michael liked. It was in Burbank right behind Porto's. I have noticed that all the little cities are very close together (Studio City, Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Van Nuys). Michael said it was fine if we drove to Griffith Park before going to Madam Tussaud's. We weren't sure if it was an actual park or just a town center called that. Banks and Lacey told us there is the Los Angeles Zoo and a planetarium there.
There was a lot of construction going on, but the area was beautiful. One side had a golf course (where we saw another movie being filmed- only grip trucks and crafty, not specifically people/ actors) and the other side was dirt trails. I wanted to go but Michael isn't in a hiking mood. He says we can go in January. I didn't notice any park fees, which was great.
Michael pointed out that they had ponies! So I made him stop so I could pet them. Two brown ponies were hitched up to a wagon, but nobody was around. Ten other ponies and some horses were in a gate so kids could ride them. There was a 100-pound weight limit. Guess I'll have to start my celery diet so I can get a turn! They had train rides for only $2.50/person, but the employees were out to lunch. It was a small metal train, about the size of one you would see driving around inside a mall. I'll definitely go back for that though. On our way out of Griffith Park (named after Griffith Jenkins- I saw his statue), they had big trains. The tracks were all over, but Michael thinks they were just for display.
I saw this cute painting on the side of a building. I had to get a picture because we miss Sasha so much. "Baabe!" I can't fall asleep as quickly without her little heater body snuggled up. Michael's brother, Christopher, has been doing a great job of taking care of Sasha for us while we have been gone and he even sent us a couple pictures. We look forward to seeing them both again on Saturday.
After Madam Tussaud's we walked around Hollywood Boulevard and went into some stores. I wanted a gray "I ♥ LA" sweatshirt that they had for $15 (they were $30 on our hotel gift shop!) but he made a good point that he already bought me a jacket. Also I wondered if it would seen too touristy, but maybe it would give me an excuse to always be taking pictures, even after we live there. I wanted to see all the stars on the ground and the cement area with the hand prints. It took us a few minutes to find the one I was especially looking for and we had to ask an employee where Judy Garland's was.
They have lots of people dressed up as characters and selling their music demos outside of the Chinese Theater. I wanted to get my picture with the skinny Spiderman and handsome Captain America guy, but Michael didn't have enough tip cash. (He said the performers get really mad if you get pictures with them, but then don't pay them.) Plus, he really wanted his picture with the silly Don King impersonator. He was really friendly. 
Before we left for the day, we walked up along the outside mall building. Michael got an Auntie Anne's pretzel and I saw a cart of paintings and wallets with a grungy edit effect. I think they were handmade on canvases in New York. I may splurge and get one of the $29 wallets later.

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  1. All photos provide something of interest. We especially like the landscape photos. -D3