Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanks & Giving

Yesterday morning, I felt better than I had the previous two days. I believe it had to do with all the traveling, jet lag and not taking enough vitamins, etc? So I was Michael's "model" for this demonstration as a guest speaker at Joe Blasco's Make Up School. You can see his post about it here. He surprised me after by saying he was coming with me to Gainesvile for Thanksgiving. (Originally he planned to only be there for a few hours today.) We got there around 3:30pm and later had dinner at Schlotsky's with my brother -Zach- and cousins - Greg and Abby. It was a fun time. That night we stayed in a Best Western, which was very nice and I loved the free wi-fi and free continental breakfast included. However, I learned that Sasha does not do well in hotels. I'll have to figure something else out before we drive for 5 days across the country!
When we drove back to my parent's house, Michael helped with the turkey by lifting it in to the sink. We played Ping-Pong for a while then watched some TV. Michael took a nap, so my dad helped me tie Sasha to a tree with a rope so she could wander around the yard without running off. My mom and Aunt Sue Ann all of the cooking, although the rest of us helped dry the dishes after. We took family photos before the sun went down and discussed having next Thanksgiving in LA in March!
It was a good Thanksgiving and did not involve any negative vibes or arguments, like all the TV shows are choosing to display this year.

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