Sunday, November 18, 2012

Torn Apart

Last week my friend, Sarah, texted me saying she would be in Gainesville for a few days before Thanksgiving and since I hadn't seen her since the wedding in May 2011, she suggested they drive an extra two hours to see Michael and I! So this afternoon we got some fun visitors: my cousin Abby, her mom, my mom and Sarah. We took them to Bob's Potatoes for lunch then I wanted Abby and Sarah to experience what it was like having Michael do an effect then take some pictures after.
They had fun feeling the 3D transfers on their face/ neck and my mom and Abby's mom had fun watching the process. Abby and Sarah were texting the pictures to their friends, then reading all the responses. Some people kept asking what happened and if they were okay. We took some "nice" photos for fun as well. Sarah has to fly back on Tuesday for work, but I will see Abby again for Thanksgiving.

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