Friday, August 26, 2016

Arms Family Museum

  Along with wanting to find a yummy place for pizza, which we did, I mentioned that I also wanted to get ice cream. I have heard pistachio ice cream is really good, although I have never tried it because it sounds weird. Pistachios in general are wonderful and I could eat a bag of those each day. (But I don't because they are expensive.) Aunt Paula said Handel's has the best homemade ice cream in her area, so we went there on Thursday, August 18th. They had so many flavors to chose from, except pistachio! At least not at that location, or on that day. I found it on under their flavors online.
  Mommy got the one called Spouse like a House. That was my original choice, but I ended up copying Jordyn and ordered the one that had buckeyes (little peanut butter balls with chocolate around them). We were in Ohio after all! Jessica got strawberry cheesecake and James got the free baby cone. I could only eat about half of mine. It was so rich- and this was "one scoop".
  We drove back over to the Arms Museum, which was only two buildings down from the Butler Art Institute. We had tried to go there the day before, but both buildings closed at 4pm. I think that worked out better though because James tended to get pretty antsy each day after about 30 minutes.  I get it- being in a place where you can't touch anything, makes you want to touch it more!!
  I was only able to get pictures of the outside because the tour guide woman said we weren't allowed to take pictures inside. I later wondered if that had to do with a flash. I never use the flash on the Canon. I would have taken a lot of pictures though. Oh well. The inside was really pretty and I would have liked to stay there if it was a hotel. I think Michael would have liked it too. Here are two pictures that I found from this website:
  I bought a postcard for a dollar of the first picture because that was my favorite room, aside from the porch with stone walls. The house also had really pretty stairs with a knight's coat of armor standing in the corner. Jordyn liked pointing out all of the pretty dishes that were displayed. My favorite were the glasses with peacock feather designs on them. I also bought a pack of mailing cards that had a drawing of the front of the building. I'm a sucker for cards. I have so many!

  A few other fun parts about the trip, to wrap up these ten posts, were when I was tired of playing "pizza" with James, and Jordyn had been spending enough time on my phone making photo collages. So I said, "No more TV and phone stuff for now. Let's pretend we're Amish." Suddenly James exclaimed, "Yaaay!" and the three of us went for a walk. I thought we were making a simple large square in the neighborhood, but towards the end we got lost. Jordyn found the way back to the house with her superb navigational skills, and we gave her a triple hug. One night Uncle Larry lit fire lanterns like in Rapunzel and we watched them fly up into the sky until they burned out, then we roasted marshmallows. We also watched Miracles from Heaven and Santa Clause 3. The end!

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the trip, and adventures, and are sharing photos and descriptions with everyone. -D