Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tourists in Another Country

Although the Falls are beautiful, we can only look at them for so long. Until a rainbow appears and everyone  gasps with excitement and runs to the edge again as if Ryan Gosling is walking by, shirtless and signing autographs. So we began to explore other areas such as the gardens and observing these other buildings.
 ^^ This one above is another picture that I don't remember taking, nor does that building look familiar, but I like that I have it. Some of these pictures were taken as Uncle Larry drove us through the main areas we would spend time in, so we would be a little less lost while walking around. The picture below was on the way to our hotel on Dundy's Lane.
 Lunch at the Flying Saucer. We had brunch- breakfast for lunch! I got a Belgian waffle since I hadn't had one in a long time. Uncle Larry got an omelet that looked really good. Then we checked into the hotel and got bus passes for the two days.
 The view at the top of Clifton Hill. That was the main road with all the tourist attractions and gift shops that leads down to the falls. And I can never pass up walking through the gardens.
 In the pictures below I was standing in an area where they have huge lights that make the falls turn different colors at night. We were able to see that the first night when we watched the fireworks. The casino also lit up different colors. My favorite was when it was green like Oz, the Emerald City. I enjoyed watching the boyfriend photo shoot for a minute, but I really wanted them to at least be holding hands or something. #OrlandoStrong! I should have suggested it and brought along business cards to pass out, even just to have more readers on my blog. I made some digital business cards and posted them on Facebook today. Maybe I should print some pass them around our neighborhood too!
 Interesting stuff!! We read that in 50,000 years the falls won't exist at all because by then it will have eroded away and all that will be left is a river. Glad we got to see it while it still has a lot of cliff left.
 This was the inside/ front waiting area of the Welcome Centre. Here I bought a cute gray moose shirt and three cards with Niagara Falls paintings on them. Aunt Paula convinced me to frame them up as art instead of mailing them. I think I'll hang them up in the bathroom. I sat on a bench and wrote on postcards to Michael and my penpal, Jenn Anderson, until it was our turn to get in line for Journey Behind the Falls. However, I forgot to mail them until I got back to Orlando. Whoops! =)

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