Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Baby Ashlyn

  This past weekend was very nice. Friday was good for alone time and cutting out 300 heart shapes from scrapbook paper to use on plain envelopes, while watching Limitless (the TV show). On Saturday Alana came over around 1pm to make bead bracelets, and I did some cleaning before she arrived. We rode to Publix and sampled the deli meats and I got some amazing Italian mozzarella cheese! Then Mia arrived around 6:30 and the three of us took these lovely pictures together since Mia and Alana hadn't seen each other since my wedding, over 5 years ago! We had dinner at House Blend Cafe and watched Parks and Recreation until Michael got home, then Alana left.

  Mia spent the night and on Sunday we drove to Sarasota to see Tonia and Jay and their baby, Ashlyn Elena. She was just over 2 months old in these pictures, born June 23rd at 1:57am, weighing 7 pounds, 1 ounce and measuring 20 inches. That baby looks like a doll and was so good about not fussing. She only cried when Tonia put suntan lotion on her before we went to the pool later in the day. They both gave me lots of tips for my future baby, including how amazing zip-up onesies are for helping baby sleep through the night, where to buy diapers in bulk, and what to use to prevent stretch marks.
  I liked the little set up on Tonia's table. And this picture of her parents from before they got married. Tonia's younger sister, Kendall, looks so much like their mom here.
   We had lunch on a dock at Casey Key. I ordered the black bean burger, which tasted like it had rice and corn in the patty too! Yum. We shared parenthood horror stories and heard more about Mia's trips to China last year.
   These pictures are ones that Tonia sent us the morning Ashlyn was born. I edited these three, printed them out and mailed them back to her with a handmade scrapbook card! Even though I didn't take those pictures in the hospital, it's always nice to see "my work" displayed by someone else.

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  1. Such a beautiful little girl! Can't wait to read blog posts about baby Gore and all the amazing pictures you'll take of your tiny human. Looks like good times spent with great company! So glad you have lifelong friends ❤️😍