Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tourists, Part II

   The Mountie uniforms! This was displayed in one of the gift shops where I bought my moose shirt. (You can see it in the left side of the first picture, hanging up next to the Christmas tree.) Too bad we never saw anyone wearing these or riding horses. I think they are very nice outfits and reminded me of the show based in 1910, When Calls the Heart, which is directed by Michael Landon Jr (son of the actor who played Pa on Little House on the Prairie)! I liked seeing the police car drive by, though it was interesting that their emergency number is 911 as well. I remember in Sweden it is 112 because we learned about it in the academy at work, and there was a comedy show about a guy moving to Sweden with his wife and a Swedish person yelled "Call 911!" Sounds like a bunch of people on that set didn't do their research.
 I think everyone should add "riding in a horse carriage" to their bucket list. I haven't done it, but I bet it would be fun. That's something I'd like to do with Michael. Maybe when we have kids if they like horses and we're on vacation somewhere cool.
  Movieland is somewhere I would have liked to go to if we had stayed another day. I like wax museums. It is such a great talent to sculpt something that really looks like a real person, especially of someone who already exists. My Canon batteries died after I took the pictures at dinner, so my mom let me use her phone to take pictures of the two displays that people could view from outside. I'll show you those in another post when I just put up pictures that were taken on our phones. I'll probably do that one last. And this ferris wheel was 140 feet tall. A baby compared to the Orlando Eye, which is 400 feet!
  For dinner on Sunday night while staying in Ontario, we walked past a burger place called The Works that looked really good and had a lot of random options. I really liked all the mini Polaroids pinned to the fence inside. I ordered the burger with nachos on it. Deeelish, eh? ;) Uncle Larry stayed after to pay the bill while Mommy and I walked back to a store we found some cute items in. I bought a purple crystal stone with a small metal wolf shape soldered on top. Then we climbed up to the second floor of a building that has an unknown purpose aside from watching Fireworks from a higher location. Those were nice to see, but the biggest and loudest I've watched.
 The second day in Niagara Falls (Monday, August 15th) we had breakfast at the Flying Saucer again since they had breakfast for $2.99. Then we went to Jim's No Frills grocery store and an RX store to find Canadian candy. We paid with paper American bills and got plastic Canadian money in return. I bought a Wunderbar, Mr. Big, Crispy Crunch and Coffee Crisp. So far Michael and I have shared the Cadbury Wunderbar. That chocolate bar was good with caramel, peanut butter and peanuts. Their wafers are really good and light too. I bought coconut flavored ones for Michael- he loved them! I really wish he could have come on this vacation with me, but he's working really hard at VAMP. 
   It is very interesting that I was just showing Michael the Canadian coins I had in my purse and the dimes all look the same on the back (a sail boat) and all the pictures on the front are of Queen Elizabeth II, but depending on the year the dime was made, she looks older or younger. I have three dimes, from 1986, 2001 and 2016. That is very cool- something I just noticed. I wonder how often they add a new picture of her. Also there were signs around the cash registers saying they aren't using Canadian pennies anymore.I wonder when America will stop making pennies. So many people just throw them on the ground anyway- more for me to pick up! ;)

We took the bus to the IMAX theater and saw a very nicely shot film about the Indian girl who paddled down the falls after being married off by the chief. She became the Maiden of the Mist (hence the boat's name) and her spirit helped a lot of the other people who ventured over the falls and survived. Including a kitten and a turtle. After the movie we walked through the gift shop and the tiny museum that had the barrels and metal containers that men used to risk their lives for a bit of fame.
  Can't go anywhere without Trollie and Suzie. They are world travelers for sure. Here they are getting their last view of the falls, and riding the bus with their 48-hour WeGo pass. It was nice of them to share a seat for other people that might have boarded after us. The bus got really packed at night. We had to stand until other people got off. I was very surprised that nobody got up to let the very pregnant lady sit down after a long day of walking. I would have, but I was already standing.

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