Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Niagara Falls

I was happy that we were able to see the falls from the Canada side, but would be interested in seeing it from the New York side as well. I wonder if I would have ventured out onto the green-ish platform that extends at least 100 feet over the river. I "walked through" the park via Google Maps and it looked really cute. And going down the stairs along the American falls would have been fun too. We did the quick Journey Behind the Falls tour on the Canada side, but I'm a big fan of water parks so I would have been fine getting fully drenched over there.
 ^^ the Welcome Centre. (That's how they spell "center"). I liked that at least a few things were different in Canada. I was surprised how much was the same and made it feel like we were still in the United States. But perhaps that was because we were in a tourist area.
^^ These three photos above show the American Falls in New York.
 ^^ Watching other people getting "rained on" before we decided to sign up too! Mommy and I didn't want to ride the Hornblower boat because we get queasy easily and prefer solid ground.
 ^^ Our view from the patio attached to the Welcome Centre where we had drinks before shopping for souvenirs then going to the Journey Behind the Falls. Mommy and I shared a virgin pina colada, which was very good! I also got a water which was served in a glass Evian bottle. Fancy!
 ^^ Our view from the bottom. On Journey Behind the Falls they also had cave hallways and areas where you could stand behind the falls. Aunt Paula made a comment that they seemed to push the guard rails back because when we stood at the gates in the caves, we weren't getting wet. She said last time they went years ago, you could walk almost all the way up to the back of the falls.

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  1. Looks like everyone had fun that day. -D