Saturday, August 20, 2016

Kelly Kids

   After some finagling with my Teletype schedule and much thanks to Alex for switching shifts with me, Mommy was able to book our "free" flight to Ohio! The flight was free (plus all the extra fees I tend to forget about) because on our way home from Indiana last August, our flight was delayed until the next day and everyone got free vouchers that had to be used within the next 365 days. There were no issues during this flight fortunately and unfortunately. We left August 12th and came back on the 19th. On the way there we sat next to Chatty Kathy. She complimented me by saying I only looked to be 18 years old (even though I turned 29 in June). Hooray!! On the way back to Florida, two officers boarded the plane before we took off and arrested a 60 year old Italian man!!

   Here are some pictures I took of my cousin, Jessica's, kids around 11am once Aunt Paula drove us from the tiny Youngstown airport to her house in Canfield. It was nice having an early flight because we got so much out of the rest of the day.
   Jordyn is 8, James is 5 & 1/2, and Jeremy is one. 

   Uncle Larry told me they started their garden in June and already it looks like it's been there for years. It was so pretty and I really liked looking at it from the windows. Jordyn showed me around and we picked the small wine grapes and cherry tomatoes to share as a snack. We also used the larger tomatoes to add slices into our grilled cheese and chicken sandwiches. Mmmm!! I just bought ingredients for that so I can make some at home. I told Michael that we need to start our own garden in our backyard. Aunt Paula suggested we start ours in March. 
  After that we went for a walk and Jordyn asked me to take a picture of her on her favorite shady rock area. Then, although I became very tired, I was convinced to play the Barbie board game before taking a lovely nap. 
  I also have these pictures that I really like of Jeremy eating watermelon. I don't remember taking them, but they are cute and on the Canon! 
   These were really cute because even though Jeremy doesn't really talk yet, he was good about giving smiles and waving and asked me to pick him up by raising his hand in the air after he walked or crawled over to me. But when I pointed the camera at him, he would scrunch up his face, tilt his head back and say, "Keeee!! Keeeee!!" (cheese) It was super cute.
  This was taken after I got tired of playing "pizza" with James for an hour each day (making pizzas out of a felt kit, or throwing pieces and him trying to catch it on the plastic pan), so I sat on the couch and told him to dance and fly with his cape and I would take pictures of him. It was nice that Jessica told me, "You don't have to keep playing with him. We can tell him to have quiet time." I think it is very important that her kids have learned how to occupy themselves -by reading books or playing with Barbies, or swinging on the play gym outside, rarely watching TV- as it is not the parent's job to always be entertaining the children.
   Jordyn and James kept talking about the movie "Home" and how it is their favorite right now. We watched it and it was cute. But my favorite part was having Jordyn snuggled on my left side, James snuggled on my right and kind of holding Jessica's hand/arm on the other side of him. While we watched the movie, Mommy, Aunt Paula and Uncle Larry went to a Scrapper's baseball game.


  1. This post has a good narrative, and really put some feelings into the pictures. -D

  2. Much like daddy said I feel like I can imagine being there through your lense. I really like the picture of Jeremy where it looks like he has a "Zoolander blue steel" face on (the first one with the 3 kids). Can't wait for you to come visit in September and I can practice my "Americas Next Top Maternity Model" poses (hopefully watching is sinking in)! Love you ❤️