Sunday, August 21, 2016

Jordyn Marie Photography

   These are the pictures that my 8 year old God-niece, Jordyn, took during our trip to Ohio. I had to help her adjust the settings each time we switched from being in the house or a store to being outside in the sun. She was good about keeping the camera strap around her neck and taking pictures of cool houses that I pointed out as we drove through "Amishland". At 50 miles per hour, out the side window, it's normal for some of the pictures to look blurry, but I still like them. Some I didn't even know she took until I put them on my laptop, so it was interesting to see what she thought would be a good picture, or worth taking a picture of.  Jordyn was also really good about asking if she could delete a picture before she did, in case I wanted to keep it. 
   Jordyn was very excited when she got a picture of the Amish people. She's turn to me with wide eyes and exclaim, "I got one!"  You will notice in the next picture that I have clean tissues around my wrists. That was Jordyn making jewelry for me while I sat in the backseat with her. That was fun for both of us because I got to keep looking out the windows (there were a lot of dips and turns during the hour+ drive. And her playing with my hands and arms felt like soft little massages.
 Below are from the church barbeque where we went for lunch:
   I could only rotate some of her pictures so far without cutting off good parts. I like this one being crooked above because it looks like Dorothy's house after it drops out of the sky.

   On Tuesday morning (August 16th) Jessica and I went for a walk and then ran a couple errands together. Jordyn asked if she could use the Canon some more and I let her since I was tired of taking pictures with it after taking so many in Niagara Falls, Canada. I tend to get a headache after spending time squinting through the tiny screen and adjusting the lens. Here are some more that she took, including ones from dinner the night of "Amishland" & no day is complete without a selfie!

    For early dinner on Tuesday, we went to Fernando's Wedgewood Pizza. Aunt Paula was really nice and emailed all her Ohio friends asking where some of the best pizza was and that was the result. We shared two pizzas- a veggie and an everything pizza. They had good prices and used a lot of toppings. The cook didn't even get upset when we used 80% of the Parmesan that was in his shaker. While we waited for our food, I followed (was dragged, ha!) into the store area that was attached to the building where drinks were bought. James enjoyed picking up every bag of chips he saw and Jordyn turned the candy and toy machines to see if anyone left money in there. She was very excited to show me the sparkly dollar she got from the Tooth Fairy the night before we arrived. When it came time to get our drinks, James thought he was being ever so helpful by clicking the button closest to him and out popped a grape soda. Nobody asked for grape soda. Another lady was at the machine next to our and gave me fifty cents for the grape soda. I thanked her twice. 
   After dinner, Jessica and her kids went home while Aunt Paula drove me and Mommy to the Michael's where she works part time where she teaches art classes. I made 4 Halloween cards, as did Aunt Paula, while Mommy made Charlie Brown cards. We were able to use Aunt Paula's discount for 30% off anything we wanted to buy! We got home from Michael's around 9:30, and Jessica was talking on the phone to her husband, Jonathan. She said she would stay up to watch The Santa Clause with me since we had been talking about that movie too and there was so much I didn't remember about it.

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  1. Looks like you have a little prodigy! Still jealous of your talent. Can't wait until Peyton can start taking pictures :).