Monday, February 4, 2013

A Peek into Dunder Mifflin

If you are unaware of the amazing Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, it is a fictitious company from The Office, based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Last night, I got excited when I found the address where the show is filmed (and they actually shoot the show inside this building), which is pretty close to our house! I'm calling this post "a peek" because I would like to go back another time when we are able to park and walk up to the lot, to get more accurate pictures. I feel like it needs to be within the next month since they are currently filming the ending season of the show. (They only have ten episodes left to air and I'm sure they are done with half of them.)

Here is a quick clip from Season 4 where you can see the exterior of the building as one of the main characters is pulling into work. Then you can compare them to my photos below. Particularly the second photo with the "1725" and "Scranton Business Park" by the front door:
Vance Refrigeration is another fictitious company sometimes mentioned on The Office. They aren't the best pictures, but it's what I could get with Michael driving by (twice) at 15mph. Unfortunately, we didn't see any of the cast members. I assumed they were inside, working. But we did see a security guard by the Universal grip truck. He didn't seem to think we looked too suspicious. Phew!


  1. Love it! You can actually look up Dunder Mifflin on google maps, in Scranton PA and there's some reviews for it as well! This post makes me want the office to come onto netflix even more! Ugh! More waiting :)

  2. That's pretty cool to know. And to know that you two got so close. Interesting how you learn about such things, and get an opportunity to check it out. Thanks for sharing. -D