Friday, February 8, 2013

Carly Rae Jepsen, OMG!

Yesterday I found this new awesome website that sounded very "me", called I Am Not a Stalker .com! Under the celebrity events, it said that tomorrow (which is now today) singer, Carly Rae Jepsen was going to be signing magazines at The Grove's Barnes & Noble bookstore since she is on the cover of Seventeen this month. It turns out that Los Angeles is quite fond of 3-story buildings. Barnes & Noble was one too, with fancy escalators and very organized sections. It was the first place we went into this morning. I wanted to get a feel for it and get more info about the signing. And good thing we did! There was a rule saying that each person had to purchase a copy of the magazine in order to get a wristband and be able to attend the event. And there hadn't been anything about that n the website. So I bought our magazines and we got our wristbands. Due to the time of purchase, we would be in Group D. We were advised to return one hour prior to the event.

After the rest of our mid-day roaming, we parked in The Grove's parking garage. I felt it wouldn't cost too much for a few hours, especially if we could get our ticket validated after. We walked to the roof of the garage (for employee parking) and ran to the edge for pictures. I read it was a beautiful view, but in my opinion, one side is better than the other.
At 4pm, Dawson and I went to the third floor of Barnes & Noble with a bunch of other girls in their teens to early 20's. After ten minutes of waiting and almost being "shooed away" since the  employees were ready for lines to start forming, we were informed that Groups D, E and F had to wait on the second floor. They had tape marked with each letter. At least we were the first in line for our group. Carly didn't arrive until about 5:40pm. There was much less cheering than I expected. But the lines moved quickly and by 6pm we were within sight of the pop star. Oh, she is best known for her 2011 catchy tune, "Call Me Maybe" and being friends with Justin Bieber.
We were pushed along quickly and surprisingly yelled at to put our cameras away when we reached our "destination". We were only allowed to take pictures of her while we were in line, not together/ standing next to her after she signed our magazines. She was very nice to everyone. She asked how I was doing today and after I replied that I was doing well, I asked her back. Carly Rae Jepsen answered, "I'm really, really good. Thank you for waiting." She smiled the whole time. My camera wasn't working well under pressure, but this was the best picture I could get of her after we exchanged pleasantries.
** original photos above -for clarity/proof- courtesy of this Carly Rae Jepsen fansite **
And here are our flowery autographs! Mine is on the front cover; Dawson's is the inside article. He was disappointed that out of the whole magazine, only two of the pages were about the singer.

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  1. I dont even like Carly Rae but....JEALOUS nonetheless!!!!!!