Thursday, February 21, 2013


Although I can rarely keep track of the days (without jobs yet, I guess we don't really need to), I have lately - the past few days at least - wondered "is it Sunday yet"? I have gone to St. Charles Catholic Church twice now. I first went on Ash Wednesday and then this past Sunday. The time doesn't seem to go by too slowly and I'm starting to remember to say "And with your Spirit". Since they changed that line from "And also with you" however long ago.

Here are some pictures I have taken of the outside of the church:
Last Sunday, I put my money into an offertory envelope instead of straight into the basket. I filled out my name and address, asking for them to mail me some envelopes, and flipped it over to find this precious doodle. I couldn't help but laugh. Perhaps they will just assume I have kids. Or simply poor drawing skills, haha.
I didn't mind that Michael didn't go to the Mass on Sunday. The priest talked about how hard it must be living with someone who is so selfish. (I believe that had to do with the devil nagging Jesus in the desert, trying to get him to turn stones into bread when he wasn't eating for 40 days. I would remember more if I had written this blog post Sunday night.) I imagined Michael would have kept nudging me during every true statement. To be honest, I have felt bad lately when people say they had roommates or friends that they couldn't stand to be around very long because of their angry outbursts or lack of motivation. "Fun to hang out with, but not to live with." It gives me a lot to think about and I've thanked Michael for loving me.

On Ash Wednesday, I made a spinach pasta recipe, after seeing this video in a commercial on Hulu. I liked it a lot more than Michael did. He says there was too much spinach, which was a shame since he told me to make 3x as much as I was planning on.
If you make this yummy dish for Lent, let me know how yours turns out!!

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