Friday, February 8, 2013

Melrose, Los Angeles

After our previously mentioned events at The Grove, we had over two hours until we needed to be back for our next scheduled event for the day. We drove over to Pan Pacific Park that was across the street. Also a very pretty area to walk around!
There is a Museum of the Holocaust which I find very sad, but interesting at the same time. We only walked by though. Dawson and I walked through the park then went along, trying to find the George Washington statue that we drove past along the way. But I kept getting turned around (Michael always says I am terrible with directions), but we ended up on a residential road with small beautiful houses. Including one with it's own forest in the front yard!
Dawson got really hungry and by this time, it was at least 30 minutes past his 2pm lunch alarm. We tried Googling places, but none of them sounded familiar, so we drove down the road just a tad before he pulled into El Coyote's Mexican Cafe. The meal was better than it looked and we got free chips and salsa while we waited for our food. Dawson got a hamburger and I got a salad with carrots, beets, peas and warm beans at the bottom.
Before going back to The Grove, Dawson parked at a gas station next to the George Washington statue. I ran across the street for a picture, only to find out it was an impostor! The guy was Haym Salomon, but it seemed to be a pretty vague sculpt that may have looked like many important gentlemen from the 1700's.

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