Saturday, February 2, 2013

La Tuna Canyon

I found out about the La Tuna Canyon Trail when I was looking up the route from our house to Dawson's apartment. We basically had to drive through a mountain, but the GPS in my car actually had us drive another way, taking the Interstate. But it was still a really nice view of Glendale. Michael likes all the houses on steep hills, but all I can think about are the floors and walls falling out during an earthquake. By the way, I haven't felt one yet. I'm not sure how common they are.
Michael and I drove to Dawson's apartment this afternoon. We wanted to see his apartment and meet his roommates. His complex is fancy and we met one of his roommates. The trail was only about 10 minutes away, but I actually don't think the trail we went on was La Tuna Canyon, because the sign said something different (including a part about "bow and arrow prohibited"). So maybe La Tuna was a mile down the road on another mountain which we will try out later?
I liked the pace of it. We kept a single file line with me in the front, Michael in the middle and Dawson in the back. It was mostly easy, like the snake trail at Griffith Park. But after an hour and we thought we were getting lost, it became more tiresome. It wasn't very sunny out today, so it seemed later than it was, as if the sun was already starting to set, but it was only 4:13pm when we got back in the car. I was surprised to see a couple bikers because there were some areas with lots of rocks and leaves that would make the ground slippery. But when we were in more open areas, it was cool to say "Oooh, five minutes ago, we were down there! And now we're going up there!"
At one point the boys kept asking me to stop every five minutes because they were tired and out of water and kind of lost. There was only one trail that we were following, but we didn't know when it ended or brought us back to the car. I do wish all of these parks had maps and different colors for each trail and that it would let you know how many miles it is. We knew we were doomed when we saw this old beaten down truck in a ditch. Michael got a closer look and noticed there were lots of bullet holes in the door, but no skeletons. He started telling creepy stories after that. Of course we finally made it back, having to take a very steep, rocky trail back down. I would definitely walk that trail again, knowing where we are going this time and estimating a time of an hour and 40 minutes.

Then we went to Vons (like a fancy Ralph's grocery store) then to a three-story Target attached to a mall. It was very cool with escalators and a special place to put your shopping cart so it would go up or down to different floors with you! Michael made his yummy hamburgers again and we rented Hotel Transylvania. The End.


  1. Very interesting post, and more good pics. I especially like the "greenery path" photos, and the truck photo. -D

  2. Cool truck photo! For some reason I thought of the office when I read "La Tuna" since Andy calls Jim that (is my memory serving me correctly?) so it's funny a couple days later you did an Office post! We're anxiously awaiting the last season to come onto Netflix, so no spoilers please! :) PS- a 3 story Target sounds dangerous to the wallet. I want to go there.

  3. The the photograph 4 pictures up!