Thursday, February 7, 2013

You are the Sweetest.

After we got back from the Pier on Tuesday, Michael ran to Home Depot (I'm not sure what he has been working on in the other room), but he came home with flowers for me. They were a variety too, which I prefer over a bouquet of roses. I guess we never unpacked the vase- maybe it's still in the box with the china plates? So I had to improvise and used a tall, clear blue water bottle.
He is such a wonderful husband. And I have learned very important things about him lately. Ways that he feels for me in his heart. They were wonderful to hear and I thanked him. Yesterday I put up some Valentines window gels. Then added more once I got a "surprise" package in the mail with extra decorations and a card from my mom. Hooray!
Last night Michael started doing laundry. The first load was fine, but after the whites were clean, the washing machine remained full of water. He had me Google a solution and he had to pull out a tube, which began gushing out soapy water. I grabbed two big plastic mixing bowls and alternated between those with me dumping the water out in the kitchen sink. We had to do that about 30 times until it emptied. We still have more laundry to do, so of course I suggested the good option:
"I could always fill up the tub and scrub the clothes like I'm Amish!"
Michael laughed. "You would enjoy that, wouldn't you?"

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  1. Thats so cute. How sweet of him . :-D Those are pretty flowers by the way! I love the colors!