Monday, February 4, 2013

Sir Gordon Biersch

After a nice 45 minute Skype session with my parents, I will take this time (while the chicken thaws) to update all my loyal readers:

Last night Michael and I met with another Full Sail friend, Chris, for dinner. He works so much that he is only available on Sundays. We met at a place called Barney's Beanery in the Burbank Mall area, but since it was the night of the Superbowl and Barney's has 50 TV's inside and out, it didn't seem like any of the loud customers were going to leave anytime soon. So when Chris arrived, we walked around some different areas and after a few blocks, we went into Gordon Biersch.
The atmosphere of the restaurant reminded me of BJ's Brewery and they had a bar section, also with TV's. So I asked if we could sit in the "most quiet" area. That ended up being next to the kitchen, which I thought was cool too. The food was good. Chris got garlic fries with his meal and after mentioning how good they were, I decided that I should try them next time. Michael got his usual New York strip and potatoes, which he said was very delicious.
Chris has been in LA since August 2011 and has become very successful as an editor and VTR Operator. He was telling us about the celebrities he has worked with including Jon Favreau (used to be an actor, but now directs movies such as Iron Man), Johhny Depp and Paul McCartney!! He explained a commercial he worked on, but hadn't seen yet. It was starring Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan and Bob Odenkirk, who Chris said was an amazing actor. Then during the Superbowl, Chris goes, "Oh, there's my commercial!" Although we couldn't hear anything, I looked it up later. It sounded like the unscripted outtakes were much funnier than what they used as an end product. Oh well.


  1. That salad reminds me of the salad rolls we made at work with the turkey and lettuce! LOL!

  2. Sometimes things happen this way, so you get to explore outside your intended boundaries. Seems like another great find. Very nice of Chris to spend time with you two, and to share experiences, and to whet your professional appetites even more. -D