Monday, February 4, 2013

Family Outing

Michael wanted to bring Sasha to Griffith Park today. (Well he wanted to do it on Saturday, but I figured the park would be far too busy so we waited until today.) Maybe I didn't notice before, but there sure seemed to be a lot of dogs there today. And with Sasha barking at everyone and pulling on her leash really bad- even with the harness we got her in November- it made for an uncomfortable time and I wasn't even the one holding her. Plus there was a mix in communication:
I thought "take Sasha to the park" meant let her sniff around the ground area while I take pictures of her. But Michael still wanted to try to hike like normal. Sasha was more snoopy than normal and the "hike" only lasted about 15 minutes. Even Michael says he probably wouldn't take her again. "It seemed like a lot of work," was the quote I just got from him. I did find out today that I can take cheapy videos on the Samsung camera, but the few I took were really shaky, so I probably won't post them.
Thankfully, Michael still let me get these cute "family" photos before we left. Also, in the first picture, it was cool to see where we took the first half of the Valentine's pictures last week (in the area by that house at the far right of the photo- kind of in the shadows, under the palm trees). Although it was waaay more steep/farther of a walk than it looks here!


  1. I bet Sasha loved coming with you guys! Was she tired after visiting the park and all the new smells? When we take Belle somewhere new that she can explore she always comes home and sleeps really well and then sometimes wags her tail in her sleep like she's dreaming about her adventure... it's super cute. It's hard when we bring her places and she won't stop barking at people though, but she normally only barks if a person has a dog with them (embarrassing!) so I know what ya mean here with Sasha!

  2. I like the family photos. Too bad that Sasha was not as much fun as I would have thought. And it would be good exercise for her. -D