Friday, February 22, 2013

Bee Rock

Since Michael was telling me how awesome the trail was that he went on for Valentine's Day (the one he hiked while Dawson, Carly and I were taking pictures at the abandoned zoo), I went with him in the afternoon before church on Sunday, the 17th. This is still a part of Griffith Park.
Michael said the trail should be called "Stonehenge" ~ maybe because at some points you have to crawl all over really big, flying saucer-sized rocks to continue along the trail. I didn't see any bees either (since it is called Bee Rock), but that didn't bother me! There were not really any of those Pear Trees I was hoping for with the tiny white petals. It will still have to be on my To-Do list.
The architecture of the rocks at the top of the peak was very cool. It was narrowed off with a rusted and wobbly chain-link fence. There was a part in the fence at the very top that was cut, where someone could easily "slide" down to their doom! To the right was a ledge kind of rock that Michael wished he could have stood on. I felt scared just looking at it.
We took a normal big-road trail on the way down and talked about jobs and how God is probably waiting for us to meet the right people/ employees for us to be friends with and not just "you'd be good at this job". We still haven't heard back from anyone though and the posts on Craigslist are for nurses or chefs or require the applicant to be fluent in Spanish and Chinese. So no such luck yet. I even called some alarm companies since they didn't have any employment links on their websites.

Today Dawson and I checked out the Goodwill in North Hollywood, since it had good reviews. It had better results when we looked through a second time. I tried on some skirts and pretty dresses, but only left with a silky pajama dress for $3.99 (no tax)! Dawson got a bunch of plain colored V-neck T-shirts for only $1.99 each and one white polo. I'd like to check out the Goodwill in Glendale next. We also stopped in the Ralph's in Burbank because they have a pasta and salad bar in the deli.

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