Thursday, February 21, 2013

the Americana

The Americana is a fancy mall area, similar to The Grove except it is in Glendale, instead of Hollywood. We went there on Saturday, the 16th. Michael and I were out running errands then picked up Dawson before heading over there. The parking garage was free for the first hour. It was also a very pretty area, but I like The Grove better for some reason. Maybe because they film the "Extras" TV show there? However, I liked that their trolley was working.
After we walked around and Dawson returned a book about how to make his room match up the to the feng shui standard, we walked a few blocks down the street to Panera Bread. That's the only place we really go out to eat anymore, which is an improvement. I tried the advertised Spinach Power Salad, which was good. I saw a cool looking theater (the Alex Theater), which Dawson told me was where Glee filmed their Show Choir Sectionals competition for Season One.
I don't remember what we did after that, but we also passed a nice looking Good Will, so we may have to go shopping soon! There is another one closer to our house that had good reviews on Yelp.

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